How good are you at maths? What level of education do you have based on your mathmatical skills?
What Is Your Level Of Education According To Your Math Skills

What Is Your Level Of Education According To Your Math Skills

  1. You got: High School
    You are a snap happy high school student. Maths was not your strongest subject at school and anything past basic calculus seems to faze you. Let’s be honest you don’t really need algebra in the real world and you are quite happy knowing how to add, subtract and multiply-anything more complex you will leave to the college grads.
  2. You got: College Graduate
    Well done college grad! Your brain works in numbers and equations to a pretty advanced level. You love solving formulas and figuring out probabilities. You are definitely a wiz on the calculator but anything more complex might baffle you. You can manage your own accounts and you are happy to leave your mathematical skills at that!
  3. You got: Masters
    You just scored a Masters in maths education. We know your secret and you absolutely love algebra and Pythagoras’ theorem. You scored 80% on this incredibly difficult quiz and we think it is fair to say you are a mathematical genius.
  4. You got: PHD
    Hats off to you! You are a 100% Mathematical genius. We don’t even know how your mathematical mind works but you just aced this incredibly difficult quiz. You could solve any problem in the book and love being the rational and logical mind at the table. You just got a PhD in maths and you should be ever so proud of yourself.


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